What Is That Balloon In My Foot?

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Cysts, or ganglionic cysts, can form from irritation to boney prominences in the foot or ankle. This can be caused from shoes, athletic shoes, injury and trauma. All of a sudden one can see an enlargement on the foot or ankle. It looks like a swollen balloon. It is usually soft but can become hard over time. These can be painful or may not cause any pain at all, just an enlargement that concerns you.

Treatment can consist of draining the fluid from the cyst and using a compression dressing afterwards. Injection of cortisone may help reduce inflammation. Pressure bandaging is important. Very often, however, the lesion will fill back with fluid fairly quickly. It is always prudent to biopsy the fluid prior to injecting, as sometimes these lesions may be malignant.

Surgery can be undertaken to remove the cyst and enlarged boney prominences if the lesion persists and there is pain. Early treatment is always the best course of action.

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