What’s the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Fungal Toenails?

It’s always sandal weather around here, which means your toes are always on display -- and toenail fungus can really cramp your style! After all, yellow, thick, and crumbly nails aren’t exactly the fashion statement anyone wants to make. Not only are they embarrassing, but fungal infections can eventually spread, cause pain, inhibit wearing certain shoes, and even emit a foul odor. No wonder people want to get rid of fungal toenails as quickly as possible!

Healthy Feet

Many times, those who’ve fallen victim to the fungi run to the store and pick up polishes and creams, but these treatments for toenail fungus do not yield fast results. Because damaged nails are thick, topical medications have a difficult time passing through the nail to get to the source of the problem below it. Oral medication is a quicker route, but laser therapy is the fastest option of all.

Concentrated wavelengths of light have no problem painlessly penetrating the nail and zapping the fungus underneath! It’s also as efficient as it is effective, taking only 6 sessions lasting just 10 - 40 minutes each. Results are often visible after a single session is complete!

Laser treatment for fungal nails is safe, done right in our office, and requires no down time – you can go right back to what you were doing before your visit! Perhaps you were sandal shopping or planning an evening out – whatever the case, you can display your toes with pride and confidence!

If you’re struggling with toenail fungus and want to get rid of it fast, give us a call to set up laser therapy sessions right away. Schedule an appointment at our Palm Desert, CA office by dialing (760) 568-0108. We’ll get your nails back to being clear and healthy before you know it!

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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