Where Golfers Feel the Pain

Pain While GolfingGolfers can end up having pain in the feet in many places. The more common areas are:

  1.  The big toe joint. This is because of the foot motion during the golf swing. There is increased pressure noted in the big to joint, putting extra stress on this area. If there are any arthritic changes in the joint, this increased pressure can cause pain. Over time, bone spurs can form restricting motion further at the big toe joint making normal ambulation painful and at times trying to move the big toe very painful as well. The golf swing will then exacerbate the problem.
  2. Heel Pain. Many golfers experience heel pain. The motion of the foot during the golf swing can put increased pressure and pulling of the plantar fascia. This can result in pain overt time. The plantar fascia is the tight band going from the heel to the ball of the foot. After playing a round of golf, patients relate increased pain later that night of the next day.
  3. Toe Pain. Hammertoes, or the contracture of the toe, can cause pain in golf shoes or other shoes. There is friction and pressure to the toes causing redness and inflammation. Corns, or thickening of the skin, can develop and cause pain.

These problems are very common with golfers. There is no need to suffer; podiatrists can keep you playing golf for many years without pain. See them early on for the best treatment options.

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Dr. Harvey Danciger
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