Find Answers to Your Questions About Foot Care and Injury Prevention

Our Palm Desert podiatry team fields questions daily. Do you have a question about how to manage your foot pain? Do you have a question about the safety of a current footwear fad? Do you want to know more about foot and ankle injury prevention? If so, we hope you find the answers you need here.

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  • Are there exercises to strengthen my ankles?

    Yes! Exercise and physical therapy are strongly recommended to keep ankles healthy and strong and improve balance, especially if you’ve struggled with ankle sprains or chronic ankle instability.

    Simple balance and proprioception training—standing on your unstable leg (once your doctor has given you the go ahead, of course) and trying not to wobble—can show significant improvement in ankle strength and balance in just six weeks, and significantly reduce the chance of injury recurrence. Resistance stretches that evert or invert the ankle can also be particularly helpful.

    If you’re looking to strengthen your ankles, whether you’ve had a recent injury, chronic pain, or just want to improve your ankle health and balance, talk to Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA. We’ll help you build an exercise or physical therapy program right for you, along with providing any other treatment for foot and ankle conditions that you may require. Request an appointment online, or call our office today at 760-568-0108.

  • Why does my Athlete’s foot keep coming back?

    Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that loves warm, moist places. Wearing closed shoes, having wet feet for long periods of time, or feet that sweat a lot will put you at risk for this fungal infection.

    Many people trying to deal with a case of Athlete’s foot often take or use medications that simply mask symptoms momentarily. Itching and burning are common symptoms of Athlete’s foot and often people think that the infection is gone when these symptoms go away. This unfortunately does not mean that the fungus causing the infection is gone.

    Anti-fungal medications taken for only a short time are only going to help short-term. Treatment plans are commonly more aggressive taking a couple of weeks for the fungus to fully be eradicated.

    Athlete’s foot can return if you do not observe healthy foot care habits. You need to keep feet clean and dry, wear clean socks every day and rotate shoes. Remember, this fungal infection is contagious so if you are consistently walking barefoot in public showers and pool areas, you are putting yourself at risk again.

    If you're suffering from persistent Athlete's foot, set up an appointment with Dr. Harvey Danciger, podiatrist in Palm Desert, CA. He can give you the tips and tools you need to treat and prevent Athlete's foot from recurring