Are there conditions that increase my chance of falling?

Many conditions can increase your falling risk, and although a lot of them are associated with advancing age, there’s no one main culprit—usually a number of factors are involved. For example, instability could be brought on by lack of exercise, or it could be related to a neurological condition such as neuropathy, which reduces or even blocks sensations in your feet.

Declining muscle strength, balance, and flexibility will increase your instability, and while these things tend to diminish with age, it isn’t inevitable—regular exercise, including balance exercises, can help you improve your stability.

Remember that environmental factors play a big role in determining your fall risk as well. Keeping your home free of obstacles and installing aids such as mats and grab bars for your bathroom can help you avoid tumbles even if your balance, stability, vision, or reflexes aren’t what they used to be.

If you’re worried about your stability, visit Harvey R. Danciger, DPM for a fall risk assessment and treatment for any complicating conditions you may be experiencing. You can set up an appointment online, or by calling our Palm Desert office at 760-568-0108.

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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