What is that hard bump on the bottom of my arch?

The hard bump, or nodule, may very likely be a plantar fibroma.  Patients will come into the office concerned about a growth or lump on the bottom of their foot. They tell me they did not injure their foot and suddenly felt this growth.  The do not know exactly how long it has been there, only that it is there now. More often than not, they relate that while they were bathing they felt this growth on their foot. Some patients tell me there is no pain involved, but others say it hurts with pressure or when they stand or put shoes on.


An ultrasound exam can help determine what the growth is, the extent and size as well.  It can help determine if the lesion is invasive or well localized.  


If you are concerned about a lump in your foot or arch, see Palm Desert Podiatrist, Harvey Danciger DPM, for further care and evaluation.  (760) 568-0108

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle