Can I apply nail polish after having laser treatment for fungal nails?

During a laser treatment for fungal toenail infections, the laser goes over your nail and passes through the infected tissue killing the fungus. It is not painful and there is no recovery time needed.

When it comes to putting nail polish on or going to the salon after a laser treatment, the answer is moderation. Wearing nail polish for a week or so should not do any harm to your nails. However it is advised that you do not wear polish for extended amounts of time, as moisture can accumulate under the polish and this can encourage fungus growth.

If you have had a fungal nail treatment, that most likely means you are attempting to keep your feet and toes healthy. If you are going to choose to go to a salon, be responsible and make sure the tools that are used are clean and sterile. The last thing you want to do is re-infect your feet and toes with more fungus or bacteria from dirty footbaths or instruments.

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Dr. Harvey Danciger
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