What causes intoeing?

Intoeing is a common condition among children where feet unnaturally turn inward instead of pointing straight ahead. It is typically noticed in the early stages of life when the child begins to walk. Most of the time it does not cause any pain, but in severe cases it can impact coordination and cause a child to trip and stumble.


There are three causes for this condition that center around where the misalignment is coming from. With metatarsus adductus, there is a curve in the foot. The middle of the foot bends inward and it can be flexible or rigid. The feet are often pressed into this position in the uterus and usually straighten out over time. In tibial torsion, the tibia in the lower leg is twisted inward and it usually corrects itself without treatment. Femoral anteversion is when a child’s femur or thighbone turns inward and causes the legs and feet to point inward during walking. Again, in almost all cases this corrects itself as the child grows older.


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