What is dysplasia?

In simple terms, dysplasia involves an abnormal growth of organs, tissue or cells. There are many types of this condition as it can manifest in different systems in the body, and each type requires a certain form of treatment.

Fibrous dysplasia is one branch of the condition that can affect feet, as it is the one that affects bones and joints. It is fairly uncommon and while the exact cause is unknown, it is understood to develop before birth. It can affect one or multiple bones and is commonly diagnosed in children and adolescents. Fibrous dysplasia can cause bone pain, fractures, difficulty walking and deformities, as it causes bones to break down and become weakened.

When symptoms are present, an X-ray can identify the presence of this condition, but there is unfortunately no cure. For a patient with dysplasia, our goal would be to relieve symptoms through medication, physical therapy or surgery, and to do our best to stop it from getting worse. This disorder increases a person’s chance of developing cancer, making it imperative to have any kind of foot pain detected and treated early.

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Dr. Harvey Danciger
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