What causes a foot ulcer?

There are several foot complications that can develop as a result of having diabetes. One injury in particular that can lead to very serious consequences is an ulcer, which is an open sore on the foot. The wound can be shallow or deep and often takes a long time to heal. Poor circulation is a common complication with diabetes, which can greatly impact the healing of an ulcer. A few other causes for this foot problem are minor trauma, deformity and peripheral neuropathy.

Neuropathy is nerve damage in the foot and this means that a patient is often unable to sense pain, and doesn’t know an injury has happened. Poor circulation can inhibit proper healing and this is what can lead to the formation of an ulcer. A deformity would include any condition that alters the normal structure of the foot, such as bunions, fractures, and arthritis. Any abnormality can lead to an area on the foot having to bear more pressure than normal, which can cause the formation of an ulcer.

This is a serious injury that needs immediate attention. If you have diabetes, please see us for regular foot care and contact our office immediately if you notice any type of wound developing on your feet. Call Dr. Harvey Danciger at (760) 568-0108 to make an appointment.

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle