What Can Cause Foot Drop?

Foot drop can be a symptom of different problems.  The degree of weakness for drop foot can be related to the length of time one has had the problem and can result in the weakness being temporary or permanent.


Some causes of Foot Drop are:


  • Nerve injury and/or compression
  • Spinal cord disorders-injury
  • Brain issues
  • Muscle disorders


Regarding nerve injury or compression, this is due to the common fibular nerve, previously called the common peroneal nerve, being the nerve mostly involved.  This nerve is situated close under the skin on the outside of the knee and is frequently injured or compressed from diabetes, sports injuries: including ankle sprains or fractures, knee injuries; knee surgeries and other causes such as sitting cross legged or squatting for long periods of time.  This is the nerve, which you may have experienced getting up from a chair after sitting with your legs crossed, and your foot is numb or tingly.


Let Harvey R. Danciger, DPM help you find out the cause and possible treatment options you may have.

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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