How should I stretch my feet before activity?

Regular stretching, on a daily basis and before activity, helps maintain the range of movement in your joints, keeps you flexible, helps your posture and can help prevent injury. It is often forgotten that feet are an important part of the process. Foot stretches help with current pain or problems and can prevent injuries from occurring.

Before engaging in activity, one area to focus on is your calf. Stretching your calf muscles can reduce the amount of force that your heels and the balls of your feet have to endure. Lean against a wall and bring one foot forward. Keep the back leg straight with your heel on the ground and feel a gentle calf stretch as you lean. Stand at the edge of a step or ledge and allow your heels to lower. This will also stretch the calf muscle and the bottom of your feet. Be careful to be gentle with both exercises – you should never bounce.

Before you put your shoes on, do a few toe exercises – rise up on your toes, point your toes and roll your foot forward to stretch the tops of your toes. Roll a golf or tennis ball under the ball of your foot to stretch the ligaments in the bottom of your feet. This is great for those who have arch pain or plantar fasciitis.

Dr. Harvey Danciger has many other stretching techniques that can help with hammertoes, heel pain and Achilles tendonitis. Contact our office to learn more or to get treatment for your foot pain. Make an appointment online or by calling us at (760) 568-0108.

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