Why is a night splint more effective than stretching for plantar fasciitis?

A night splint has given my patients better results in a quicker time than stretching, for the care of heel pain and plantar fasciitis, for a few reasons.  First of all, when people are instructed on stretching and how many times to do the stretches, it is the exception that the person actually does the stretches correctly and for the proper time period.  Secondly, when people stretch they can overdue the stretch and cause injury to the tissues.  Thirdly, the natural tendency when stretching is to resist the stretch so fewer results is noticed.



A night splint, which is worn at night, is used when the body is relaxed and the tissues are not resisting the stretch.  This allows a better response to the force over a longer period of time and quicker results occur.  The patients who use the night splints typically notice results in the first few days.


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