How is dysplasia related to feet?

Fibrous dysplasia, a rare condition in which healthy bone is gradually replaced by a fibrous, scar-like material, is most commonly found in the shins, thighs, pelvis, upper arms, and skull. However, any bone can be affected, and your feet are no exception.

This condition weakens bones and puts them at greater risk of developing deformities and fractures. Due to the fact that your feet absorb the stress and shock that accompanies walking, standing, running, and bearing all of your weight every day, they are especially vulnerable if the disease strikes there. You may initially notice a dull ache that becomes progressively more painful over time; as the damage progresses walking may become difficult or almost impossible.

If you notice any early symptoms, contact Dr. Harvey Danciger, DPM right away for an appointment. Although there is currently no cure, early detection and careful observation and symptom management can dramatically improve your outcomes. Give us a call in Palm Desert, CA by dialing (760) 568 – 0108 today.

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