How long does a broken ankle take to heal?

Recovery time for a broken ankle can vary quite a bit, depending on a variety of factors. Some of these include the severity of the initial injury, type of treatment performed, your age and health status, your ability to rest and perform physical therapy and rehab, and more.

A good estimate for most broken ankles is 1-2 months of healing, followed by several more months of rehab designed to restore strength, balance, and range of motion. Simple fractures (where the bones more or less remain in place) generally heal faster and more successfully than more complicated fractures (which bones may be displaced or broken into smaller pieces).

Whatever the recovery time may be, the important thing is to give yourself the time and dedication you need to achieve full healing and a complete recovery. To that end, it’s important to find the right podiatrist to help you get there. Contact Dr. Harvey Danciger today for an appointment. You can reach our Palm Desert, CA office online, or by calling 760-568-0108.
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