Is it important to exercise my toes?

If you have ever stubbed your toe, you realized in an instant how important your toes are. Even a minor injury, condition, infection or deformity can cause significant pain and impact your ability to walk, run and carry out daily activities.

There are several reasons why exercising toes is good for their overall health. Your toes are critical for walking and balancing, and exercises will help them stay flexible and strong. Stretching exercises promote a healthy spacing between your toes, which helps to avoid fungal infections. Toes are flexible, but over time they can turn stiff and rigid. Full range of motion exercises can prevent the development of deformities such as claw and hammertoe, or keep your toes flexible if they have begun forming. If you are an athlete involved in a lot of running, jumping or moving on your toes and the balls of your feet, strengthening exercises will keep your toes strong and able to withstand the pressure from your activities.

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Dr. Harvey Danciger
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