What is a Jones fracture?

A Jones fracture is a break in the long bone, 5th metatarsal, behind the little toe.  This occurs in an area that does not have an abundant blood supply and can result in more difficulty in healing.  It can be a result of a sudden injury or a result of repetitive stress over a period of time.  Symptoms can range from swelling, pain, discomfort, black and blue to the skin and difficulty walking.  One may feel a bruised feeling in the area.


Treatment may involve immobilization in a cast, possible bone stimulation to help promote healing, or surgery if the bone fragments are out of alignment or do not heal properly.


If you have pain on the outside of the foot, let Harvey R. Danciger, DPM examine and evaluate the problem.  You can contact our office in Palm Desert, CA, by dialing (760) 568-0108 or schedule an appointment online.

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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