What are some of the symptoms of nerve damage from diabetes?

The most common symptom of nerve damage in diabetes is one of numbness.  People also may complain of burning, tingling, shooting sensations, loss of balance, prickling sensations, pins and needles and a feeling of cold.  These can be worse at night or there can be no change during the day.


Numbness can cause people with diabetes to develop an ulcer on their feet or legs and may result in an amputation due to the lack of feeling and sensitivity.  This is a serious complication of diabetic neuropathy.


Oftentimes there may be a nerve compression situation in the lower extremities compounding the neuropathy symptoms.  These need to be evaluated and addressed in the treatment plans as well.


If you are having any symptoms described above, see Dr. Harvey Danciger for a discussion of different treatment options. 

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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