What causes a pins and needles feeling in feet?

A pins and needles feeling in feet can feel like a slight tickle, or for some it could be a painful experience. Sitting with your legs crossed for too long can cause pressure on your nerves and leave you with tingling feet when you stand up. In a situation like this, the episode is over quickly.

We have treated many patients over the years that have had severe or chronic cases of pins and needles. Sometimes burning, itching and numbness were also present. These symptoms are usually indicative of nerve damage in the feet, a condition called neuropathy. Neuropathy is most often associated with diabetes and develops when high blood sugar levels affect the health of nerves in the feet. There are many cases where tingling in feet was the first sign of the presence of this disease.  These symptoms are also caused by nerve compressions.

There are a few other reasons this symptom can develop, such as a traumatic injury, a viral or bacterial infection, and exposure to toxins. Increased pressure on the nerves can be another cause; ie when the nerves are bound down too tightly thru various tunnels they go thru in the legs or feet.  If you have persistent pins and needles, it is important to seek medical help to diagnose the cause and get it under control with the right treatment. Depending on the cause, delaying treatment could lead to serious consequences.

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