What are the signs of skin cancer?

The Coachella Valley is one of the sunniest places on the planet, which makes it a wonderful place to live—but also a place where you need to be careful about protecting your skin, and know how to identify a potential skin cancer when you see it.

The signs will depend on the type of cancer:

  • Bumps or patches on the skin that have a pearly white appearance may be basal cell carcinoma, a relatively low-aggression form of skin cancer. They may resemble open sores, tumors, or ulcers.
  • Small, scaled bumps that may swell, itch, crack, or bleed could be a sign of squamous cell carcinoma. It may be mistaken for eczema or other more common skin conditions.
  • The most serious (and deadly) skin cancer, malignant melanoma, often begins as a brown or black (or rarely red or pink) spot or bump. You might mistake one for a mole, but melanomas often feature asymmetry, color mixing, or other features uncommon for more benign spots. It’s extremely important to catch melanoma early to give you the best chance at a positive outcome, so keep on the lockout and get any unusual spots checked as soon as possible.

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