What is Haglund’s deformity?

Haglund’s deformity is a common foot condition in which a bony growth forms at the back of your heel. It’s also familiarly known by its nickname, “pump bump,” which is based on the observation that it’s especially common among women who frequently wear pump-style shoes.

In truth, any type of shoe with a rigid back (many men’s dress shoes, for example) can cause similar symptoms. There’s also usually a genetic or biomechanical component as well: people with unusually high arches or especially tight Achilles tendons tend to be more susceptible, as such conditions put extra stress on the back of the heel.

If you’re dealing with heel pain due to a Haglund’s deformity enlargement, contact Harvey Danciger, DPM, in Palm Desert. He has the tools and experience necessary to relieve your symptoms and, if necessary, surgically correct the deformity. Treatments may include laser therapy for painful inflammation, shoe modifications such as orthotics, and a period of rest and immobilization, depending on your specific circumstances. Give us a call at (760) 568 – 0108 and let Dr. Harvey Danciger DPM bump away your heel pain today.

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