What is normal for children's feet?

Children go through many changes as they grow up and feet are not exempt from being a part of these changes. Parents often attribute aches and pains as “growing pains” but it is important to note that foot pain is never normal. 

Children that have strong and healthy feet while young tend to avoid complications in adulthood. It is important for parents to be checking their children’s feet on a regular basis

An infant’s feet do not yet have arches that have developed. Let them kick and stretch and avoid strain from shoes that might squeeze feet and toes. It is normal for toddlers learning to walk to have a pigeon-toe gait. Out-toeing, when feet turn outwards is also common. Many children also begin walking on toes instead of their heels. As posture and balance matures over time, children most often outgrow these problems. 

Pediatric flatfoot is a common condition seen in children and most of the time presents no pain or problems for the child. It is normal for children’s feet to change size and shape quickly starting in the first year. It is common for a child’s shoe size to be updated every few months in certain stages of growth. 

It is important to take diligent care of young feet. If a child is not outgrowing some of the problems mentioned, is complaining of any pain or has issues such as warts or ingrown toenails have them treated by Dr. Danciger as soon as possible. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Harvey Danciger today.

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