Why are my feet swollen?

Swollen feet, called edema, can develop from a variety of reasons and is a common problem. It often affects older people and women who are pregnant. It happens when fluids build up in the tissues of legs and ankles. It is often painless and can come and go depending on the day’s activity. When swelling is painful, does not go away or appears for no reason, it can be cause for concern. Swelling in feet and legs can be indicative of a serious health issue such as heart, renal or liver failure. Other causes for swelling include:

• Medications                                     • Pregnancy

• Insect bite or sting                           • Congestive heart failure

• Injury or trauma to the foot               • Prolonged standing


If you are experiencing swelling of your feet or ankles, it is important to have it diagnosed by Dr. Harvey Danciger. He can provide several treatment options in his podiatric and for you at home that can help alleviate symptoms. With swelling often being associated with other health concerns you may not be aware of, seek treatment as soon as possible by contacting Dr. Danciger to schedule an appointment.          

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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