Why do my nails get discolored after running?

Runner's Toe

Discolored toenails can be caused by a number of things. If you are noticing that your toenails are discolored after running, it is most likely due to trauma. Dr. Danciger treats runners on a regular basis who experience foot problems from the stress of the exercise. Running takes a toll on feet. Did you know that during a 10 mile run, your feet strike the ground almost 15,000 times? Each strike is also three to four times your body weight.

Wearing poor fitting running shoes could lead to trauma to your toenails. If your running shoes do not fit well, your feet can slide around while you run and your toenails could push against the toe box. Repetitive force on the tip of your toe could cause bleeding and blackening under the toenail. When blood collects under your toenail, called a hematoma, your toenail can appear red or black. This is most likely the reason for your toenail discoloration.

If your toenails remain discolored, change color or become painful, please contact Dr. Danciger for diagnosis and treatment. Call our podiatric office at (760) 568-0108. You can also learn more about general foot health by ordering Dr. Danciger’s complimentary book, Why Do My Feet Hurt? 

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