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  • When Little Bones cause Toe Pain and Ball of Foot Pain Harvey R. Danciger, DPM, discusses sesamoiditis, including what the condition entails, symptoms to look for, and treatment for your ball of foot pain.
  • Sever's Disease While the word “disease” may sound scary, this condition is actually a fairly common heel injury among children and adolescents say Dr. Harvey Danciger.
  • Shin Splints When pain arises alongside or behind the shinbone, it is referred to as shin splints. In medical terms, this condition is called medial tibial stress syndrome.
  • Shoes for Flat Feet Wearing a specific shoe will not cure flat feet but the right choice in footwear will go a long way in protecting feet from injury and prevent strain on them.
  • Smoking & Your Feet Smoking is bad for circulation, which affects the feet first because they are furthest from the heart. Dr. Danciger discusses additional effects of smoking.
  • Stability & Fall Prevention As age progresses, we are much more likely to fall and injure ourselves. Engaging regularly in stability exercises can help prevent falls and strengthen ankles.
  • Strengthen Ankles Keeping your ankles in shape gives your body the stability to participate in day-to-day activities. Dr. Danciger offers tips on keeping your ankles strong.
  • Summer Heat Protecting your feet in hot weather is vital for foot health. Always wear shoes, put on sunscreen your feet, and address sweaty feet with a fresh pair of socks.
  • Tailor's Bunion A smaller bunion can develop on the side of the pinkie toe. When this occurs, it is called a tailor’s bunion. Dr. Danciger can help determine treatment.
  • Taking the First Step Since most foot problems begin young, early detection can enable your children to grow up without the discomfort many adults suffer with age.
  • What is Tarsal Coalition? Symptoms of tarsal coalition include leg muscle spasms, recurring sprains, stiffness, and pain on the top or outside of the foot. Consult Dr. Danciger for help.
  • Your Feet & Tennis Tennis is a great cardio, but like a lot of exercise, puts a lot of stress on your feet. Injuries occur when footwear is worn out and players haven't stretched.
  • The Effect of Diabetes on Your Feet Diabetics are at risk for many foot-related problems including neuropathy, ulcers, and even amputation. According to Podiatrist Dr. Danciger, prevention is key.
  • Tinea-Pedis (Athlete's Foot) Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that anyone can acquire. It grows in moist places like between the toes, say Dr. Harvey Danciger of Palm Desert, CA.
  • Toenail Fungus Infections Fungus can make your toenails thick, yellow and brittle. To avoid it, wear shoes, clean socks, and wash your feet with warm soapy water.
  • Ulcers Ulcers are small, unattended cuts that become open sores, which may then become infected. They can become one of the most serious problems for a diabetic.
  • Warts Most of the time plantar warts aren't anything to be concerned about and will go away with self-care. When treatment is needed, see Dr. Harvey Danciger.
  • Old Shoes & Wear Patterns Old shoes must be evaluated routinely. Shoes with too many miles on them don't provide the proper support for your feet. It may be time to invest in a new pair.
  • What exactly is a Podiatrist? Podiatrists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions of your feet and ankles. Dr. Danciger practices podiatry in the Palm Desert area.
  • What to Know About Turf Toe Turf toe is used to describe an injury in the ligaments surrounding the big toe.