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  • Hammertoes Don’t let a hammertoe get you bent out of shape! Dr. Danciger of Palm Desert, CA discusses causes, symptoms, and treatment method for this toe deformity.
  • Bunion Surgery Dr. Harvey Danciger of Palm Desert, CA discusses the pros and cons of bunion surgery in order to help his patients explore whether it is right for them.
  • Newsletter - November 2015 Pronation is a normal and healthy part of your walking and running gait, but excessive over or underpronation may cause problems. Let us help!
  • Peripheral Artery Disease Peripheral artery disease, or PAD, is a common cause of muscle cramping in feet and legs and can lead to heart problems, says Dr. Harvey Danciger in CA.
  • Biomechanics Foot Specialist Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA explains foot and ankle biomechanics, and how foot problems might be adversely affecting healthy alignment and motion.
  • Newsletter - October 2015 Believe it or not, physical therapy can help with heel pain! Learn more by reading this issue of Dr. Harvey Danciger's newsletter.
  • Neuroma Surgery Dr. Harvey Danciger of Palm Springs, CA explains Morton’s neuroma surgery and recovery instructions, and discusses whether surgery may be right for you.
  • Physical Therapy Healing doesn’t end when you leave the OR. Harvey Danciger, DPM explains his approach to physical therapy and laser therapy for foot and ankle conditions.
  • Newsletter - September 2015 Did you know that even your bunions can benefit from exercise and stretching? Learn more with Dr. Harvey Danciger's September newsletter.
  • Fungal Toenails Trust Harvey Danciger, DPM to provide you with the information you need to know about fungal toenails, including causes and treatment options.
  • New Patient Form For the ease of use and comfort of our patients, you can access our New Patient Form directly on our website to first-time patients can reduce their wait time.
  • Achilles Tendinitis Pain and stiffness in your Achilles tendon is often a sign of tendinitis. Dr. Harvey Danciger explains symptoms, causes, and treatments of this condition.
  • Newsletter - August 2015 When you have diabetes, your peripheral nerves can become compressed and unable to communicate with the central nervous system. Let us help!
  • Wounds on Diabetic Feet Puncture wounds may not bleed much, but quick and thorough care is required to minimize infection risk, says Coachella Valley podiatrist Harvey Danciger.
  • Foot Wound Care Careful and vigilant care for diabetic wounds is critical for avoiding complications such as infection and amputation, says Harvey Danciger, DPM.
  • Newsletter - July 2015 Are your nails brittle or yellow in color? If you answered yes, then you are more than likely suffering from fungal toenails. Laser treatment could be for you.
  • Skin and Nail Conditions Harvey R. Danciger, DPM discusses many of the nail and skin conditions he commonly sees and treats at his podiatry practice in Palm Desert, CA.
  • Newsletter - June 2015 Learn about the many different causes of heel pain and find out which condition you may be suffering from!
  • Nerve Problems That Affect Your Feet Harvey R. Danciger, DPM provides diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment for a wide variety of foot and ankle nerve problems, including those listed here.
  • Newsletter - May 2015 Is every ugly toenail a fungal nail? Find out here! Dr. Harvey Danciger will walk you through treatment options.