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  • Plantar Melanoma: Skin Cancer on the Underside of the Feet Malignant melanoma that occurs on the bottom of the foot (plantar melanoma) can be very difficult to detect—and very dangerous, says Dr. Harvey Danciger.
  • Newsletter - June 2016 Find out what's behind joint pain in the latest edition of our newsletter. Also learn how to manage arthritis and find links to our website and our free books.
  • Pronation Problems Problems emerge when a foot rotates (pronates) too far inward, or not enough, and as a result loses its ability to soften shocks effectively.
  • New Patients Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA shares essential information for new patients to help them have a positive, effective experience during their visit.
  • Newsletter - May 2016 Book a new meal plan to circumvent neuropathy using Dr. Harvey Danciger's latest newsletter, with all the foot care tips you need to eat healthy and live well!
  • Alcoholic Neuropathy Diabetes isn’t the only culprit—alcohol abuse often leads to nerve damage in the feet as well, says Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA.
  • Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr. Harvey Danciger of Palm Desert, CA explains how rheumatoid arthritis affects foot and ankle joints, and what treatment steps are possible.
  • Newsletter - April 2016 Ball of foot pain, or metatarsalgia, can stop you in your tracks, but our April newsletter can help you bounce back! Learn what to do in this must-read issue!
  • RICE Therapy for Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA discusses the RICE therapy protocol for home care of soft tissue injuries in the feet and ankles.
  • Metatarsalgia Dr. Harvey Danciger of Palm Desert, CA discusses pain in the balls of your feet, also known as metatarsalgia, as well as treatment options available.
  • Newsletter - March 2016 Get ahead of the curve on bunions in our March newsletter, where you can enjoy another challenging game of Sudoku and links to other helpful info on our site!
  • Foot Care Guidelines Take care of your feet, and they’ll take care of you. Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA shares tips to keep feet healthy and happy for a lifetime.
  • Newsletter - February 2016 Our February edition covers the causes, warning signs, and treatment of compressed nerves. Play some Sudoku and visit our website for valuable info! Enjoy!
  • Underpronation Underpronation, or supination, occurs when your feet don’t flex and roll inward enough at impact. Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA explains.
  • Newsletter - January 2016 For January, learn what MLS Laser technology treats and how it works. Also, link to blogs and articles, or view testimonials or videos. And don’t forget Sudoku!
  • Treating Shin Splints Shin splints are a common side effect of repeated high-impact athletic stresses, particularly running. Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA explains.
  • Broken Ankle Treatments Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA talks about treatment and rehabilitation for a broken ankle—and why it’s important to prevent future injuries.
  • Ankle Instability When sprains don’t heal properly, chronic ankle instability and pain is an unfortunately common consequence. Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert explains.
  • Newsletter - December 2015 You could significantly reduce your peripheral neuropathy symptoms by following Dr. Danciger's lifestyle tips. Manage your symptoms today!
  • Hammertoes Don’t let a hammertoe get you bent out of shape! Dr. Danciger of Palm Desert, CA discusses causes, symptoms, and treatment method for this toe deformity.