Why are my feet burning?

Burning feet or having the sensation that your feet are painfully hot can disrupt a day’s activities or your sleep at night. Cases of this condition range from mild to severe and are often accompanied by numbness or tingling as well. Knowing what might be causing your burning feet and what can be done is the first step in restoring your feet back to good health.

Why are my Feet Burning? 

There are actually several possible causes for why you may be experiencing burning feet. The treatment will vary depending on the underlying cause so it is very important to have Dr. Danciger complete a thorough evaluation of your pain and symptoms to narrow down the cause. This way you can be provided the most accurate treatment plan for your condition. Causes of burning feet include: 

When burning in feet develop in a person with diabetes the condition is called diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Often with diabetes, the circulatory system is not up to par in delivering oxygen throughout the body and can result in nerve damage. When nerve damage occurs, the effects can be pain and numbness. Burning sensations tend to be a very common complaint among diabetics dealing with neuropathy.

When is it Important to See a Doctor for Burning Feet? 

Whether it is for convenience or a financial reason, people often try and tough it out when it comes to foot pain. While there are several home treatments that may help the issue, it is important to have it checked out when they fail to work or the condition worsens. When it comes to burning feet, you should absolutely make an appointment with our podiatric office if: 

  • The burning in your feet came on all of a sudden
  • You have a wound on your foot that has become infected, especially important if you have diabetes.
  • The burning is becoming more intense and is spreading into your legs
  • You feel a loss of sensation in your feet and toes 

How Are Burning Feet Treated? 

At home you can start the treatment process by resting and elevating your feet and wearing comfortable shoes. Sometimes soaking feet in cool water for a few minutes will bring some relief. The first step is to pin point the cause of the burning. 

If the underlying cause for the burning is neuropathy, there are several ways to control this symptom. Dr. Danciger often finds that certain vitamin supplements help to reduce pain and burning in the feet of his diabetic patients. Laser treatments can be effective in treating neuropathy for some patients.  Nerve blocks and nerve decompression surgery are also beneficial.  Limiting alcohol, over-the-counter pain medicines and anti-fungal drugs may also be necessary treatment options depending on the root cause of the condition. 

If you are suffering with burning feet, it is important to have it diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. The quicker your symptoms are addressed, the faster you will find relief. Call our office today (760) 568-0108 or make an appointment online.

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle