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  • Foot Wound Care Careful and vigilant care for diabetic wounds is critical for avoiding complications such as infection and amputation, says Harvey Danciger, DPM.
  • How Obesity Effects Your Feet Obesity affects every area of your foot. Harvey R. Danciger, DPM, says that knowing what could happen might just be one of the best prevention methods.
  • Diabetic Nerve Pain in Feet Palm Desert CA Diabetic nerve pain is a serious condition that needs diagnosis and treatment from an experienced foot doctor like Harvey R. Danciger, DPM, in Palm Desert, CA.
  • Basic Foot Care Guidelines Foot pain is never normal. Taking care of your feet daily, paying attention to changes, and contacting a doctor for help are ways you can prevent foot problems.
  • How To Avoid Serious Problems Without proper care, Diabetes can lead to serious complications including amputation. Palm Desert podiatrist, Dr. Danciger specializes in diabetic foot care.
  • Gangrene & Diabetes Gangrene occurs when there's death and decay of tissues, usually in extremities. It typically happens when there is poor circulation and blood flow is impaired.