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Dr. Danciger Diagnoses Foot Problems Using Ultrasound Technology

When it comes to a foot injury or condition, you want the best possible diagnostic information available. Dr. Harvey Danciger's office in Palm, Desert, CA, can provide you with the best information and diagnosis. With his up to date medical technology, including diagnostic ultrasound, he can quickly and accurately diagnose your foot problem.

What is Diagnosed Using Diagnostic Ultrasound?

Diagnostic ultrasound is noninvasive, and completely painless.  It is commonly used in our office to help Dr. Danciger get a better picture for the inside of your foot and ankle.  This helps him properly diagnose an injuries and conditions.

How does Diagnostic Ultrasound Work?

Diagnostic ultrasound involves high frequency sound waves that are not able to be heard by the human ear. These sound waves produce live images of the soft tissue and bone structures that are in the foot or ankle.  This happens because the sound wave echoes bounce off of the bone structures.

Ultrasound imaging is used to provide diagnosis for foot conditions because it's fast and efficient. Dr. Danciger can detect what damage is occurring, or has already occurred, in the foot. If you are suffering from a soft tissue foot problem, a diagnostic ultrasound will likely be used. By using ultrasound techniques for your foot diagnosis, a treatment plan will be better equipped to treat the specific needs of your condition.  With an effective treatment plan for your soft tissue foot problems, this will speed up your recovery process.

Is a Diagnostic Ultrasound Safe?

An ultrasound is completely safe and does not produce any magnetization or radiation.  It is safe for patients who are pregnant or who have pacemakers. 

For more information about diagnostic ultrasounds, or other procedures Dr. Danciger performs, visit the Patient Edcuation tab and click on the Medical Care page.  If you would like more information please call our office at (760) 568-0108 or contact us online.

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