How to Maneuver with a Foot or Ankle Injury

The foot is an intricately designed part of our body and when an injury happens, it can be quite disabling. When a fracture occurs to any one of the 26 bones in your foot, appropriate treatment and care is crucial for healing and full restoration of your foot health. 

A fracture is typically going to result in pain, swelling and difficulty putting any weight on that foot. Treatment often requires complete immobilization of the foot to allow full healing to take its course. A cast or protective boot is often needed and unfortunately can make getting around quite the task.


Getting Around While Keeping a Fracture Immobilized 

Walking even short distances and stairs can be very difficult to navigate with a broken foot. With immobilization being the key part of the treatment process, you will have to know exactly how much weight, if any, you are allowed to put on your foot. If your fracture has resulted in needing a cast, you will most likely need crutches to get around. 

You can climb stairs with a cast on your foot and still be able to keep all your weight off of your foot. If you are using crutches, go slow and put both of your crutches under one arm. Hold the railing with your other hand and hop up the stair using your good leg while putting weight on the crutches. If you do not have a railing to use, be extra cautious and use the crutches as normal. 

If you are not in a cast, it is still important to take things easy. Climb stairs with the use of a cane in the same way you would crutches. Use the cane and your good leg to go up the stairs, putting limited weight on your injured foot. 


Safety Precautions With a Broken Foot 

If you have suffered a fracture and are on the mend at home, take a look around for any dangers that might be in the way. 

  • Remove slippery rugs from the bottom of stairs or landings
  • Wear flat shoes with non-slip soles
  • Remove any hazards such as books or toys from the floor and stairways
  • Do not use handrails to go up or down stairs when your hands may be wet or oily 

If you are traveling around a public place on crutches, it is advised that you avoid taking any escalators as the crutches can get tangled up and throw you off balance. Look for an elevator instead. 

Struggling to walk around and climb up and down stairs with a broken foot is not easy for anyone. The important factors are to take things slow and easy and stop if the injured foot is in too much pain. The healing process is different for everyone but allowing your foot the rest it needs and not rushing the healing process will ensure your foot is restored back to full health and mobility. 

Foot pain is never normal and when appears suddenly or does not go away over time, it needs to be diagnosed and treated promptly. Call our office (760) 568-0108 to be evaluated by Dr. Danciger if you have any level of foot pain. You can also schedule an appointment online right from our homepage

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