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  • When to Contact your Podiatirst It is important to make an appointment with a podiatrist right away after noticing a problem with your feet or ankles so that further problems can be prevented.
  • Nutrition & Joint Health Eating omega 3 fats, beans, protein, taking vitamins, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding processed foods are crucial for maintaining foot and joint health.
  • Smoking & Your Feet Smoking is bad for circulation, which affects the feet first because they are furthest from the heart. Dr. Danciger discusses additional effects of smoking.
  • Summer Heat Protecting your feet in hot weather is vital for foot health. Always wear shoes, put on sunscreen your feet, and address sweaty feet with a fresh pair of socks.
  • What exactly is a Podiatrist? Podiatrists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions of your feet and ankles. Dr. Danciger practices podiatry in the Palm Desert area.