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Have Dry Feet? Know the Cause and How to Prevent it! 

Do you realize how much you depend on your feet? They take you everywhere you want to go and help you accomplish all of your daily activities. Too often, it is only when a problem arises that feet are noticed and given the care they deserve. When the issue is dry and cracked feet, simple tasks can be hindered and certain people can be at risk for serious complications. 

Dr. Harvey Danciger, a foot and ankle specialist in Palm Desert, CA, cares about educating on foot care. He has years of experience helping patients with problems such as dry feet. 

What Causes Dry Feet? 

Your feet actually have no oil glands. They are naturally dry and utilize the thousands of available sweat glands to keep skin healthy. When you do not take proper care of your feet or have an underlying condition, the skin on your feet can become dry, flaky, red, irritated and cracked. There are several factors that can increase your risk of having dry feet: 

  • Not drinking enough water
  • Showers and baths that are too hot
  • Living in a climate with cold, dry weather
  • Conditions such as Athlete’s Foot, diabetes and psoriasis
  • Aging feet that lose moisture over time
  • Wearing flip-flops and sandals that expose feet 

How Can I Prevent Getting Dry Feet? 

Dry, cracked feet can be painful and interfere with walking, work and exercise. Prevention is key and Dr. Danciger has some easy and effective ways to prevent dry feet. 

  • After showering or bathing, apply a thick moisturizer with key softening ingredients such as cocoa butter, Vitamin E and shea butter.
  • Use oils such as jojoba, olive and coconut in warm water for a short footbath.
  • Those same oils can be rubbed into bottoms of feet then covered with thin cotton socks overnight. This treatment done twice a week can keep feet in great health.
  • Drink enough water – at least 6-8 glasses a day. 

There are many home remedies out there. Please consult Dr. Danciger before trying anything at home to ensure foot health and safety.

 Who Needs to Be Particularly Careful?

Dry skin may be a simple nuisance but for people with diabetes dry feet can be a serious health hazard. Skin that gets so dry it cracks is susceptible to infection. When caring for dry feet, diabetics need to be diligent in making sure water for a foot soak is not too hot and that lotion is not put between toes as extra moisture can cause infection. 

Psoriasis can also mimic Athlete’s foot making it important for anyone with symptoms of dry feet to get properly diagnosed by Dr. Danciger. This ensures you receive the appropriate treatment plan your feet require. 

If you want to know more about foot health, visit our website homepage and request a complimentary copy of Dr. Danciger’s book Why Do My Feet Hurt? To schedule an appointment at our Palm Desert office to get your dry feet taken care of, call our office today (760) 568-0108.


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