What shoes do I wear if I have flat feet?

Do you have special feet? By special, we mean feet with specific needs? Just like different heights, hair and eye colors, we all have different feet. Whether your issue is bunions, corns or flat feet, wearing the right pair of shoes can make a big difference in the health of your feet. 

What are Flat Feet? 

Flat feet is a very common condition seen at our Palm Desert, CA podiatric office. It is occurs when your arches have fallen or collapsed and the entire sole of your foot touches the ground when you stand up. It is a condition that usually presents no pain or problems. There are cases, however, when it is painful and when wearing the wrong footwear can significantly aggravate the problem. 

When flat feet become painful, it is usually diagnosed as adult-acquired flatfoot. The tendons in the foot become inflamed and stretched or torn. The pain with this condition can be progressive and result in disability if not treated. 

Do Specific Shoes Help with Flat Feet?

Wearing a specific kind of shoe will not cure your flat feet but the right choice in footwear will go a long way in protecting your feet from injury and preventing further strain on the tendons.

People with flat feet typically pronate, which is when ankles roll inward while standing, walking and running. This motion needs to be controlled to avoid injury and stress on your feet. When purchasing shoes for walking, only buy ones that have “motion control.” This type of shoe is going to stabilize your foot and help with over-pronation. You want to look for a shoe that is of a particular shape and mold to help with pronation. It should have what is called a “straight last.” If you look at the bottom of the shoe, it should look like a wide board than a sole that has a large curve inward in the middle.

 If you have flat feet and are a runner or play in sports that involve running, it is advised to wear a cross-training type of shoe instead of a simple running shoe. Shop in a reputable athletic store that has a large selection to choose form and employees who can fit your feet properly as well.

 Arch support is going to be important in a shoe for a flat foot so do some research before you buy the first ones you try on. Look for brands that offer good arch support. If you can bend a shoe in the middle easily, it is not the one for you.

Ask For Help! 

The process of finding shoes worthy of caring for flat feet can be difficult with so many options available. Bring your new shoes in to see Dr. Danciger. He can evaluate your flat feet and footwear and advise if you have made a good choice. 

If flat feet is causing foot pain for you, there are treatment options other than footwear that can help. Call our podiatric office today at (760) 568-0108 to schedule an appointment. You can also learn more about flat feet by clicking on our Patient Education section on our website.

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle