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  • Old Shoes and Wear Patterns Your old shoes may have a lot to tell you! Reading wear patterns can help identify trouble spots, says Dr. Harvey Danciger of Palm Desert, CA.
  • Work Footwear for Injury Prevention When you are on your feet all day, proper footwear is important to prevent pain and potential injury. In addition to a supportive shoe, orthotics can also help.
  • Taking Care of Feet at Work When your feet hurt at work, consider the shoes you're wearing, the surface you're on, and how long you've been standing. Dr. Danciger offers tips to help.
  • Athletic Shoes Choosing the correct athletic shoe is very important for your foot health and for preventing injuries. Different sports call for very different types of shoes.
  • How to Choose Shoes When choosing shoes, its important to select a pair that isn't too tight. Dr. Danciger suggests that when shopping, wear socks and walk around to check comfort.
  • Men's Shoe Tips Men’s shoes may not undergo the same fashion trends and statements as women’s styles, but there are still standard qualities to look for. Dr. Danciger can help.
  • Custom-Made Orthotics that Support your Feet Harvey R. Danciger, DPM, talks about orthotics, including a look at what they are, what conditions they can help treat, and how they are constructed.
  • Proper Shoe Fit Foot pain is often attributed to improperly fitting shoes. Dr. Danciger of Palm Desert, California has tips for how to find the optimal pair for your feet.
  • Shoes for Flat Feet Wearing a specific shoe will not cure flat feet but the right choice in footwear will go a long way in protecting feet from injury and prevent strain on them.
  • Old Shoes & Wear Patterns Old shoes must be evaluated routinely. Shoes with too many miles on them don't provide the proper support for your feet. It may be time to invest in a new pair.