I'm walking on air with my new arch supports

Dr. Danciger, for the first time in my life I wrote a letter to a doctor. I've never done that before, but I was so inspired that I had to write it on paper and send it to you to thank you for actually giving me the opportunity to wear normal shoes again. I cannot believe how wonderful your arch supports were and what a difference they made immediately. After having nearly a year of a torn tendon and very poor treatment for it elsewhere. I was finally referred by two different doctors to your office and thankfully I am now able to walk around and do normal things, and gradually build up my walking again. The arch support is so discreet and small that I was able to go to New Balance and get my correct shoe size instead of walking around in what felt like boats. I just think it’s absolutely wonderful to have this now. I just so appreciate you and the girls in your office are just wonderful as well. They're funny, they're nice, and they’re sweethearts. So thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy Season because I'm walking on air with my new arch supports.

Yolande S - Palm Desert, CA