Laser Therapy Success

After about, well it was about five weeks ago, after doing a lot of hiking and climbing and a lot of golf, I developed a lot of pain and soreness in the bottom of my right foot. I checked it out with my hand and found out I had two large bumps. One was on the ball of my foot and the other one was in the back of my arch, underneath my foot. So, I started using ice and heat for about two weeks and nothing helped, the bumps were the same. So, I noticed that when I got on the web, I found Dr. Danciger’s website and checked it out and decided to make an appointment. I had great reception with the front office, the women were fabulous and professional and respectful. When I met with Dr. Danciger, he suggested that either we can try a new laser or shots or even surgery. I chose the new type of laser that he has. It was six appointments. The laser was painless, 100% painless. It took four minutes, each time, and within two appointments, I was 40% pain free. I think, what it does, the doctor said it reduces the swelling and stimulates the circulation. After the fourth appointment, they were down to 80-90%, and after the last one, the sixth one, they were 99% done. I was just so pleased with it. It’s a great machine. I really enjoyed Dr. Danciger - very professional and I suggest anybody to go to Dr. Danciger.