"I'm just grateful to have my life back!"

"Hi, my name’s Marie, I’m from Indio. I came into Dr. Danciger’s office for a second opinion. I came in looking for an alternate treatment to surgery. Upon my visit with Dr. Danciger it was discovered that I had not only a bone spur but a heel spur, and also had an extra bone in my foot which was not discovered or discussed before, which I was grateful for that discovery. Upon talking to Dr. Danciger, there was an alternative treatment for me, as I have auto-immune diseases, which makes it very complicated for me to even be a candidate for surgery - it’s not recommended. Dr. Danciger and his staff have been able to give me back my life, where I have the ability to walk or to run or to exercise. I don’t have pain in my foot anymore. I opted for the laser treatment and I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else looking for an alternative to surgery. I’m grateful to Dr. Danciger. Their staff has gone above and beyond to make sure I keep my appointments and that I’m on time and explain the procedure to me. It’s painless, you don’t have any pain. You have immediate relief and I’m sleeping better. I’m just grateful to have my life back!"