Don't let Fungal Toenails stop you from Wearing Sandals! Contact Dr. Danciger, Today!

My name is Ann and we live in the Desert in the winter and in Michigan in the summer which is our home.  For as long as I can remember my toes have had a fungus on them.  I did not know that’s what it was but they looked awful so I rarely would wear sandals or anything like that because I did not want anybody to see them.  So when I talked to my daughter when I was out here, she is a patient of Dr. Danciger, and she said go see him.  I did and he suggested a method with a laser.  I tried treating the condition with medications but that made me sick and I tried that twice.  For me I would not recommend it, maybe it works for some others, but it never helped and I never could get through it till about two months.  With the Laser it was more than easy.  I came in and had treatments, once a week I came, painless.  You can read a magazine as you sit here.  You wear glasses cause it’s a laser, then you are on your way.  I have had wonderful results.  It’s like one hundred per cent difference in my feet and I would recommend it to anybody to do that because I think it is probably the easiest way and the one you’ll get the most results from.

Ann L. Palm Springs, CA