It is almost ninety-nine percent bette

I can smile again.  It has been a few weeks; I went to five or six doctors.  This all started in January when I dropped a motorcycle on my foot.  I went to Orthopedic surgeons, foot doctors who said “Oh, as soon as your sciatica is fixed, you have bulging discs, you will be fine.”

Well, it was in the foot and I remembered Dr. Danciger, he was so thorough with my mother. I came and walked in with a cane, and now I am really good. I am ninety-nine per cent better; I am back to my life!  I really appreciate it; I had such success with the laser and his treatments  that I wanted to share it with everyone.

The main problem was my big toe and my foot in the areas.  I was in such excruciating pain I can’t even tell you.  It was just awful.

After about the fourth laser treatment I could feel it really kicking in and after six, the pain was gone.  It is almost ninety-nine percent better.

I had nerve compression damage and none of the Foot Doctors found it, none of the orthopedic surgeons found it.  It is a joke.  I went to a Chiropractor, who did fix my back, but he said too, he had a laser but it was not as good as the current laser used here and it is just wonderful.


B. Jackson - Palm Desert, CA