"I am feeling wonderful."

"I have had the hammertoe, and it was really bugging me because it looked so ugly to me.  I could not wear nice sandals and vanity thy name is woman. I wanted to get it fixed, so I saw Dr. Danciger and I thought everything went well.  I loved the place where the surgery was done; they were very kind and helpful.  The doctor did the surgery, when I was recovering, I thought the first day, it was a little bit too much, I wish I had not done this, because I sort of pained and then I was very happy because the medication I took made everything all right.  Every hour I was better and better.  Today I am very happy that I had this done and I am on the road to recovery from it.  It has been three days.  I had it done on Monday and this is Thursday.  I am feeling wonderful and the pain was not as bad as I thought, the first day was a little bit stressful, but each time it got a little bit easier."

Dolores E Palm Desert, CA