Permanently Eliminate Painful Ingrown Toenails

"My name’s Bob. I live in La Quinta, CA, and I was referred to Dr. Danciger by the Eisenhower Medical Center, where I’m a concierge patient. I had an ingrown toenail and saw Dr. Danciger last spring. That would have been June of 2014. He advised me at the time, he said, ‘Look, I can trim this toenail and make the pain go away for a while, but the long term solution is a surgical procedure.’

I opted, at the time, for simply a trim, but he cautioned me that within a month or two, the nail would grow back and the pain would occur again. Sure enough, that’s the case. So, I came in in October, and said, ‘Let’s do the permanent solution.’ 
It was at some trepidation, because the idea of having surgery on my big toe was not a pleasant prospect for me. He explained the procedure and how he was going to take this big needle and stick it in my toe and I was fearful that I would levitate at that. But, I screwed up my courage and came in and said, ‘Let’s do it.’ 
However, as concerned as I was about it, it turns out that with his procedure with more or less freezing the area, which was not uncomfortable, and then injecting it, I didn’t even feel the injection.
The process was absolutely painless. Of course, the toe was fixed. It was an easy procedure. I’m now back for my four-day visit, the toe is healing fine. I’m looking forward to having a lifetime without an ingrown [toenail] issue. So, for that, I’m very appreciative. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Danciger to anyone."
Bob V.