"I'm no longer suffering from restless leg syndrome"

Hi, I’m Ron and I’m talking to you because six years ago I had a tumor removal brain operation. As a result of that, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I have sought the help of various physicians and therapeutic people with not a great deal of success. Now I’m in the doctor’s office and I’ve been treated with a laser treatment and some supplements and new inserts and new shoes. I seem to be doing much much better. My wife indicates to me that I’m no longer suffering from restless leg syndrome. My ability to walk is much much improved. I can do without the cane now, which I had been using, I still use it on occasion. I find that the doctor is very attentive. He listens to my symptoms and together we’ve come up with an approach with this laser therapy and supplements that I believe is meeting with some success. I’m looking forward to having it get much better. I would like to comment that it has been a very pleasant experience working with the doctor because he is so attentive and probably has heard these symptoms a thousand times and still is caring enough to try to help me. Also, his staff is very friendly. The office is very professional and I’m extremely impressed and would freely recommend the doctor and his staff to any of my friends who might be in need of this kind of medical treatment.