Dr. Danciger's care has put me back in normal shoes and even back to jogging a little bit.

It certainly is a pleasure to write to you and your office staff expressing my thanks for your excellent service.  For several years, I have been restricted from jogging because of my foot problem.  The discomfort increased to the point where I had begun walking on my heel and unable to stand for any length of time.  You and I discussed my commitment to work at a scientific exhibit, which would require me to stand for intervals for over three days.  I was unable to complete the third day.  When I returned you agreed to take a more aggressive approach for correcting my problem.  Currently, I am out of the boot and back in to my more formal shoes without discomfort.  As a matter of fact, I am even jogging a little bit.

Thank you again for your excellent care.

T. Norris, Ph. D. - Indian Wells, CA