My pain level is down from an 8 to a 0.

I have had this pain now since 10-3-12 for 2 months.  I was diagnosed in Oregon and was ready to move to Indio, so I figured I would get therapy over there.  I did get therapy but they could not do much for me.

Then I came to Dr. Danciger and had 10 days of treatment and doing very well, at least 70% better and hope to be playing golf in the next week.

The pain was at a level of at least an 8 before I saw Dr. Danciger, and once I get moving it is 0.

The pain was at the back of the heel with a spur and they diagnosed me in Oregon with tendonitis, but it is more involved than that.

I was treated with a Laser and had insoles and now I am ready to play golf.



G. W. - Rickreall, OR