5 Common Myths about Foot Health | Basic Foot Care

"Hi, I’m Dr. Danciger, and today I would like to talk about some of the five common myths think about foot care.

Number five on the list is that nothing can be done for a broken toe. That’s false, because if the x-ray shows that the bones are out of alignment, the bones can be manipulated back to place, taped and strapped in that particular area and allowed to heal.

Number four on the myth list is, 'If I can walk on my foot, nothing is broken.' Again, that’s a false situation. If you can walk on it, that doesn’t mean that the bone isn’t broken at all. You can have a stress fracture and still be able to walk on it. It needs to be treated.

Number three is that shoes cause bunions. Shoes can aggravate a bunion deformity but they do not cause a bunion. Bunions are caused from mechanical, hereditary components where there’s an abnormal pull of the tendon going into the toe over time. It then pulls the bone into a bunion deformity.

Number two on the list is: 'Vicks vapor rub can cure a mycotic nail.' We have patients telling me this all of the time. Typically, Vicks vapor rub will not cure a mycotic nail. It can do other things to a dystrophic, or thickened, nail but it will not do anything for a fungus in the nail.

The number one myth that patients seem to think about is, “If I have an ingrown nail and cut a V in it, it will be all better.” Think of that. If you take a piece of board and you cut a V at the end of it, will the ends of the board come together? No. It’s the same with an ingrown toenail. Cutting a ‘V’ in the end of the toenail does absolutely nothing for an ingrown nail. You’re better off putting initials in it!"

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle