What is it like to have Hammertoe Surgery?

Do you have an ugly, painful, or uncomfortable hammertoe, but are worried about getting surgery? Dolores E. from Palm Desert, CA explains what it was like to go through hammertoe surgery. She experienced some initial pain involved with the procedure, but is happy to report that she is feeling great and well on the road to recovery!
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"Hello, my name is Dolores Evans and I live in Palm Desert, CA. I have had the hammertoe and it was really bugging me because it looked so ugly to me. I couldn’t wear my sandals and “vanity, thy name is woman!” So I wanted to get it fixed, and I saw Dr. Danciger.

thought everything went well. I loved the place where the surgery was done, they were very kind and helpful. The doctor did the surgery, and when I was recovering I thought the first day, “This was a little bit too much, and I wish that I had not done this because it was in pain.” But then I was very happy because the medication I took made everything alright and every hour I was better and better.

Today I’m very happy that I’ve had it done and I’m on the road to recovery. I had it done on Monday and this is Thursday and I’m feeling wonderful and the pain is not as bad as I thought. It was the first day a little bit stressful, but each time it got a little bit easier."

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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